These are 6 Fun Facts from the Korean Drama “Narco-Saints”

batampos – The action and exciting storyline surrounding the arrest of the Korean drug mafia in Suriname, South America was made into a Korean drama series with the title “Narco-Saints”.

A drama inspired by a true story and directed by director Yoon Jong-bin (The Spy Gone North), this series consists of six episodes and stars senior actors such as Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, and Ha Jung – seduce. Check out the interesting facts behind the production process of “Narco-Saints”, as broadcast by Netflix in its official broadcast on Thursday.

Korean drama “Narco-Saints” (ANTARA/HO-Netflix)

Unusual contract signature
Director Yoon Jong-bin has been preparing for the series “Narco-Saints” since about seven years ago, including a list of actors who he thinks are suitable to play the characters in this series.

Yoon Jong-bin remembered when two years ago he was at an event that was also attended by actor Jo Woo-jin. The director tells about Narco-Saints’ plans and invites Woo-jin to join even though the script hasn’t been written yet.

The actor immediately agreed to the offer and at that time their “official” deal was over 10 won.

“We both signed the money as an agreement, then the money was halved and we both kept the pieces of the money. I framed it and still keep it,” said Woo-jin, who ended up playing Byun Kitae.

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Fly to Taipei for actor Chang Chen
Not only studded with senior Korean actors, “Narco-Saints” also collaborates with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen who has penetrated the Hollywood film industry.

To convince Chen to join his serial project, director Yoon Jong-bin, who has long admired the actor’s work, took the time to fly to Taipei to tell Chang Chen the story idea of ​​”Narco-Saints”. They both still remember him well and Chang Chen really appreciates Yoon Jong-bin’s efforts to involve him.

First trip to the Dominican Republic
To liven up the atmosphere of Suriname, which is the location for the arrest of a drug kingpin from Korea, the production team chose the Dominican Republic as one of the main shooting locations for this series. The whole team, including the actors, took a 20-hour flight to arrive in the country.

“This is my first trip to the Dominican Republic, a new experience especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said actor Yoo Yeon-seok.

“The people there were warmly welcomed, some even recognized me when we arrived at the airport.”

Almost no practice
Director Yoon Jong-bin admitted there were times when he felt overwhelmed every time he started filming “Narco-Saints”.

“The whole series is roughly the same length as three films and every morning I feel tired before I start shooting. But luckily the actors who play here are amazing, they don’t even need practice,” he said

“All the actors are always ready and have understood each other’s instincts so they can understand each other just by glancing at each other.”

Must admire
Actor Chang Chen who came from Taiwan admitted that it was not difficult to be able to compete with other Korean stars thanks to their warm welcome. Actor Hwang Jung-min remembers that he has been following Taiwanese actors in various films for a long time.

“We’ve had a crush on him for a long time and it turns out he’s seen some of our movies,” she said

Not only Chang Chen and Hwang Jung-min, other main actors such as Yoo Yeon-sok are also very happy to be involved in Narco-Saints and side by side with quality actors. “I’m really looking forward to working with Hwang Jung-min and this senior actor. I watched their films for a long time,” said Yeon-sok.

Topokki-like series
In actor Park Hae-soo’s view, the biggest appeal of “Narco-Saints” lies in the characters and their intricate emotional depth, coupled with the unexpected storyline.

He even likens the series to topokki food, thanks to “the variety of flavors in it, from sweet, spicy, to tangy. I really hope everyone can enjoy the show and follow the ins and outs to the end,” he said. (*)

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