These are the benefits of business promotion via Twitter

batampos – Besides looking for relationships, Twitter as a social network is now useful for promotion.

Not only self-promotion, but also online business promotion which has recently increased along with the acceleration of digital transformation in Indonesia.

So that marketing on Twitter can be right, you can follow the leak from Country Industry Head Twitter Indonesia Dwi Andriansah who shares the right time to take advantage of the application service.

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“The first time I use Twitter is when I launch something new. It could be a new product, a new communication program, even a new creativity,” Dwi told the media when met in South Jakarta, Wednesday.

By creating a conversation about a new product for sale and sharing it on Twitter, it is more likely that the product will be recognized by more Twitter users.

Especially considering that in Indonesia, Twitter users are very happy to talk about shopping topics and are open-minded and want to know a lot of things when accessing Twitter.

Based on Twitter records of 82 million discussion shopping topics in Southeast Asia in 2021, more than half of the 48 million tweets came from users in Indonesia.

Twitter logo illustration. Illustration taken July 13, 2021. (REUTERS/DADO RUVIC)

Twitter also notes that 67 percent of its audience in Indonesia admits that they are open-minded to learning new things.

Followed by the nature of the audience who want to try new things or act as early adopters by 47 percent.

Based on these data, it seems appropriate if entrepreneurs or brands want to introduce new products through Twitter services.

Furthermore, Dwi then revealed that another good time to use Twitter is when there is a trending event.

Entrepreneurs or brands can take advantage of this moment to build desired interactions with Twitter users.

Dwi gave an example when Ramadan arrives, many brands have succeeded in building warm interactions with Twitter users when discussing the topic of sahur or iftar.

Another example is when discussing emerging trends, such as during Citayam Fashion Week at the beginning of the 2022 semester, which was popular.

There are so many brands or businesses that manage to attract more engagement with Twitter users after relevantly creating content that aligns with these trends.

Finally, Dwi revealed that the best time to use Twitter to promote a business is when business actors want to attract Twitter users to buy products.

In a 2021 report, it was noted that 74 percent of Twitter users after being exposed to a product review or message series eventually made a decision to buy a product.

“While they continue to shop, people come to Twitter to help determine what they will buy because they think consumer reviews on Twitter are more reliable than other social media services,” said Dwi.

After taking advantage of this moment, business actors can take advantage of the shopping features provided by Twitter so that they can more easily direct potential buyers to the online shopping ecosystem, such as to related business or e-commerce sites. (*)

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