These are the Five Early Signs of a Silent Stroke

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Maybe many people think that a stroke must have symptoms. In fact, there are also strokes that do not have clear symptoms or are commonly called silent strokes. This condition is even more common.

Silent stroke is a type of stroke that usually does not show general symptoms. In most cases, sufferers don’t even know they have the disease.

This type of stroke affects at least a third of people over the age of 70. Blood vessels can become blocked, the tissue supplied by these vessels can die.

“But the person has no symptoms so they don’t know they’re having a stroke,” said Karen Furie, Professor at Harvard Medical School and director of the Massachusetts Hospital Stroke Service.

As reported by the Eat This Not That page, Wednesday (21/9/2022), here are five symptoms that are strongly associated with a silent stroke:

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