These are the requirements and how to register for JKN PPBI participants in Batam City

BPJS Kesehatan ff Iman Wachyudi
Illustration. BPJS Kesehatan Batam Branch employees serve the community in their offices in the Batam Center area. Photo: Iman Wachyudi/Batam Pos

batampos – Head of the Batam Health Service (Dinkes), Didi Kusmarjadi said that the registration of the national health insurance program (JKN) for residents who received regional contribution assistance (PPBI) from the Batam City Government could be done independently. alone or jointly by the kelurahan to the regional government. Batam Health Office. Currently there is a quota of 1,897 that can be utilized by people in need.

Furthermore, Didi said that previously prospective participants had to meet several requirements to become beneficiaries. Prospective participants must attach a certificate from the RT/RW, a certificate from the kelurahan regarding the economic condition of the prospective participant.

“This program is intended for those who are underprivileged or poor, so they cannot afford to pay for medical treatment or health services,” he said.

In addition, those who have not been registered in the Batam Integrated Social Welfare List (DTKS), must attach a form from the enumerator and the local village head. Next is a letter of recommendation from the Batam Social and Community Empowerment Service (Dinsos-PM).

“After all this process is complete, then the file is submitted to the Batam Health Office for processing,” he added.

Didi said that monthly PBI payments have increased. In 2020, in one month the total financing reached Rp. 800 million, in 2021 it will increase to Rp. 1.5 billion.

PPBI is a mandatory program, because it involves the needs of participants. For this reason, the City Government is always consistent in preparing the PPBI-related budget. “I don’t know the exact data, this is clearly a priority. So that the fulfillment of health rights for the poor in Batam,” he said

The use of the JKN program will be prioritized for those who have chronic diseases and cannot afford treatment. Through this program, participants will receive health assistance and medical expenses that have been budgeted through PPBI in this area. (*)

Reporter : YULITAVIA