This is the difference between low back pain due to pinched nerves and ordinary pain

Illustration of back pain. (Pexels)

batampos– More and more people are suffering from pinched nerves these days. A pinched nerve is a dangerous condition that is usually characterized by pain in certain areas of the body, including the lumbar area.

Even so, some people still find it difficult to distinguish normal back pain from dangerous ones. Moreover, quoting from the Mayo Clinic states that about 80 percent have experienced pain in the lumbar area, at least once in their lifetime.

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Many people ignore back pain, others feel the need to take medication.

A pinched nerve
Hernia Nucleous Pulposus (HNP) or pinched nerve is a problem that often occurs in the spine, generally in the lower back or waist. This condition can occur when nerves in the spinal area are compressed by surrounding tissue, causing pain, numbness, and weakening of the spinal muscles.

Everyone is at risk for pinched nerves, especially those aged 50 years and over, overweight, genetic, some people inherit a tendency to have HNP or pinched nerves, smoking, because smoking can reduce oxygen supply to the spinal discs, This causes bones the back becomes more susceptible to damage and sits for a long time
A pinched nerve should not be taken lightly, because if it continues it will interfere with the electrical conduction of the nervous system to the brain, causing tingling, muscle weakness in the thighs, pain that can interfere with activities. In fact, it can cause paralysis. Therefore, if you are already experiencing symptoms of pain in the spinal area, immediately consult a doctor.

In general, low back pain due to daily activities can go away on its own, or appear for a while. However, you should be aware if you experience pain accompanied by tingling in the leg area, muscle weakness in the thigh or leg, and sharp pain in the waist that radiates to the leg area.

To overcome and prevent pinched nerves, it’s a good idea if you start to experience pain in the waist area, immediately consult a doctor.

After consulting, the doctor will usually suggest a CT-Scan or MRI to detect a pinched nerve. After that, the doctor will provide several treatment options according to the severity of the pinched nerve, such as therapy or surgery, according to a press release from the KL Clinic Pain Center Pain Clinic quoted Monday (31/10).( *)

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