This is the first time this has happened, floods hit a number of villages in North Gresik The flash flood in the northern region of Gresik on Wednesday (6/7), not only hit Petung Village, Panceng District. Floods due to heavy rains also hit Wotan Village, Gedangan, and Sukorejo Village, Sidayu District. Hundreds of houses, rice fields, and environmental roads were affected.

Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Gresik Darmawan said the high rainfall resulted in the water discharge in Wotan Reservoir increasing drastically. In fact, the embankment of the reservoir has broken down for 40 meters. As a result, water immediately inundated houses, roads and rice fields.

From the results of BPBD data collection, in Petung Village which was flooded there were 166 houses, 3 prayer rooms, 1,150 meters long environmental road with a height of 20-50 cm, 1000 meters of village axis inundated 20-40 cm, 300 hectares of rice fields and 0, 2 hectares of pond.

In Wotan Village, 10 hectares of rice fields were submerged and the retaining wall (TPT) of the reservoir collapsed for 40 meters. In Dalegan Village, 100 meters of environmental roads were inundated, 50 meters of highways, 14 hectares of rice fields and 6 hectares of ponds were also submerged.

Then in Sukorejo Village the village axis road was flooded with water with a height of 10-30 cm along 1,200 meters, environmental roads 30-60 cm along 600 meters. In addition, as many as 214 houses were flooded by 30 cm, 73 hectares of rice fields, and the Sukorejo – Gedangan village axis road were also affected with a length of 200 meters.

In Gedangan Village, a 300 meter long neighborhood road with a height of 10-30 cm, 97 houses were submerged by 30 cm, and 13 hectares of rice fields were also flooded. “We continue to coordinate with the local sub-district and village governments. In addition, personnel and ships have also been alerted at the flood location,” he told reporters
The flooding in this area is really surprising. Why not, so far there have been practically no floods. Flood news usually often occurs in sub-districts along the Lamong and Bengawan Solo rivers.

Some time ago, tidal flooding due to high tides also occurred in a number of coastal areas. However, flooding in Petung, Wotan, Sukorejo, and the surrounding areas has never been heard of. Understandably, the location is relatively far from the river and sea.