Tips to Improve Slow Android Smartphone Performance, Really Easy – Android smartphones feel slow in responding to commands when they have been used for a long time. This slow smartphone is indeed annoying sometimes. For example, when you are pressed for time, your phone is suddenly undisturbed.

Smartphone speed reduction, especially those using the Android operating system or OS, can occur due to many factors. It could be due to updates, apps and months that have passed since installation. Then it could also be because the phone doesn’t restart often, and other factors.

If you start to see signs of weakness like this, it’s a good idea to follow these tips. Reporting from Gizchina, several actions can be taken to restore smartphone performance that feels slow. For example by turning off all animations and transitions. To do this, enable developer options on your smartphone if you haven’t already. To do so, go to Settings, select About phone, then seven-tap the Build number that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that the menu title may vary depending on the smartphone you are using. You must go to Settings > About phone > Software information > Version number, for example, on a Samsung smartphone.

Entering the unlock code will allow you to confirm activation of developer options. If all went well, a message saying “You are now a developer” will appear at the bottom of the screen. Then open the Developer Options menu. Your device may have a different location for the Developer Options menu. On Samsung devices, this button is at the very bottom of the Settings menu, while on Google Pixel smartphones, as well as other brands, it can be in a different place.

Then turn off the effect. Find the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animation Duration Scale options under the Path heading once you enter Developer Options. Change the default Animation Scale from x1 to x0.5 for faster animations or turn it off to turn off animations completely.

For the following two options, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale, repeat the previous action. In theory, lowering this setting or disabling it completely will make your smartphone run smoother and faster than usual.

However, if this modification doesn’t suit you, repeat the operation and set the value for each option to x1. If you have a Samsung mobile device, there doesn’t seem to be much difference to disabling this option.

In its OneUI overlay, this Korean manufacturer actually provides a special option for lowering animations. To enable the option, go to Settings, then select the Accessibility menu, then select Improved visibility and select the option to remove animation.

Especially with Android OS, one of the most common problems is that after a few months of use, the OS starts to feel slow. How to speed up Android phone is the most frequently asked question by Android users.

The following other tips can also be done to minimize the symptoms of slow and stuck on Android phones. First, you can restart the device regularly. Then, update your phone.

Next, uninstall and disable unnecessary apps and clean the home screen. Also perform the process of clearing the application data cached by the application. Free up internal memory, save photos, videos or other files that may be moved to external storage such as MicroSD. Otherwise, use a cloud-based storage solution.

Finally, try using the light version of the app. Install apps from known official sources, reset device and install customized ROMs.