TNI Rear Admiral Maman Firmansyah Position Pangkoarmada II The leadership baton of the Fleet Command (Koarmada) II will change. Commander of Koarmada II (Pangkoarmada) II, previously held by Rear Admiral TNI T.S.N.B. Hutabarat will be handed over to TNI Rear Admiral Maman Firmansyah. The handover procession (certijab) took place today.

Yesterday (26/2) ahead of handing over the certificates, the tradition of inspecting the admirals was held at Ujung Pier, Koarmada II. Using the KRI Escolar-871, Commander of the Koarmada II Rear Admiral TNI T.S.N.B. Hutabarat together with TNI Rear Admiral Maman Firmansyah checked the KRI which was leaning at that location.

The admiral’s inspection is one of the traditions of the Indonesian Navy. This activity was carried out to check the readiness of the elements of the Indonesian Navy for the last time before the leadership baton was handed over. Aside from being a place to say goodbye to the soldiers, this activity is an opportunity to introduce new leadership candidates.

After carrying out a sea inspection, via radio telecommunication KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda (SIM)-367 Hutabarat conveyed his message. This message was sent and received by all naval warships around the Koarmada II Base.

In his remarks, Hutabarat said he was proud of all Indonesian Navy soldiers. Soldiers display great dedication, loyalty and professionalism while on duty.

This is evidenced by the achievements of the soldiers in the tasks and achievements that have been achieved. Everything is well done and works. “I hope that all soldiers will provide the same support to the new Commander of Koarmada II. Namely by continuing to prioritize professionalism supported by high dedication and loyalty,” said the two-star high-ranking officer of the Indonesian Navy.

After the admiral’s inspection, Hutabarat and Maman visited the Nanggala-402 Monument. At that location, they laid wreaths and prayed together for the Nanggala soldiers who had died and were on perpetual patrols.