Towards Quality PMII, Management of PMII UNU Cirebon Commissariat Holds Grand Inauguration


The theme for this Grand Inauguration is “Identity Awareness Towards Quality PMII Service”.

Head of PMII UNU Cirebon Commissariat, Ahmad Aunillah said, This grand inauguration is one of the moments of unity to foster organizational awareness for all PMII UNU Cirebon Cadres, so that in the future they will be of higher quality.


“With this grand inauguration, I hope today’s management can contribute a lot to PMII,” hoped Aun, the nickname of the Chairman of the PMII UNU Cirebon Commissariat.

He continued, PMII is a large organization, according to the theme raised. So don’t waste your time while processing at PMII, keep honing the quality.

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