Unfortunately, an elderly man dies from electrocution while cleaning the tower

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – A man with the initials AH (63) died from being electrocuted while repairing a water tower. The incident occurred at Pondok Aren, South Tangerang, Friday (17/6/2022).

“The repair of the water tower was continued. The old cable was removed, then the new cable was connected. It turned out that there was an electric current in the cable which ended up being electrocuted,” said Kasatreskrim at Pondok Aren Polsek, Iptu Leo Licyano, quoted on Sunday (19/19). /6/2022).

According to Leo, at the time of the incident the victim was on the 3rd floor. AH who was working with his assistant was late in coordinating to turn off the electricity.

“(Victim) Coordinated with his assistant downstairs. So (the incident) was on the third floor where the crime scene occurred, while the assistant downstairs was slow to turn off the electricity,” he said.

“I just saw that there were a lot of axes at the crime scene. That’s why (the assistant) panicked, confused about which one to die. Maybe all should be taken down,” he continued.

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