Vehicles Sold 7,735 Units

ILLUSTRATION: The Mitsubishi New Xpander comes with a new, modern, aggressive design, and is ready for adventure to give a driving sensation. F. Mitsubishi

batampos – Indonesian people’s purchasing power in June showed an increase compared to the previous month. Likewise, sales of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) continue to show positive numbers. In June 2022, MMKSI managed to record retail sales of 7,735 units or with a market share of 10.2%.

This figure represents retail sales of Mitsubishi Motors passenger and light commercial vehicles throughout Indonesia.

“In the first half of 2022, we managed to maintain excellent retail sales and also showed improvement compared to the first half of last year. With increasingly fierce competition and more challenges, our sales continue to show positive numbers which is an indication that the products and services we offer answer the needs and desires of the people in Indonesia,” said Tetsuhiro Tsuchida, Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT MMKSI.

“Of course we will not be easily satisfied and will continue to improve the quality and performance of our products, services and adventures for our customers. This is to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and to achieve one of our main goals, which is to accompany the life adventures of the Indonesian people through the various dishes we offer and continue to develop together towards a better life,” he said.

Mitsubishi Motors passenger vehicles in Indonesia managed to record retail sales of 5,397 units throughout June 2022. As for light commercial vehicles, retail sales were achieved as many as 2,338 units. Of the total retail sales achieved, Xpander models including the Xpander Cross still dominate MMKSI sales up to 43%. In addition, the Pajero Sport model also accounts for 26%. In the LCV segment, the L300 contributed up to 21% of Mitsubishi Motors’ retail vehicle sales in June 2022.

In addition to the contribution per model to MMKSI’s retail sales, positive retail sales figures for June 2022 in detail include Xpander & Xpander Cross which managed to maintain market share in the small MPV segment of 21.2% or sold 3,330 units.

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Then the Pajero Sport in the 2,500 cc medium SUV segment (4×2 and 4×4) is 56% with total sales of 2,066 units. Furthermore, the L300 model continues to maintain its position in the small pick-up 4×2 segment with a market share of 52.9% or sold up to 1,636 units.

While the Triton is in the 4×4 pick-up segment, the Mitsubishi Triton model still maintains its position with a market share of 43.5% or 683 units have been sold. (*)

Reporter: JP Group