Viral, TNI AU Soldiers Persecute Citizens, Intelligence and Military Police Hunt the Actors Now

JABARNEWS │ BOGOR – A video of the abuse of members of the Indonesian Air Force (AU) has gone viral on Twitter social media. However, it is unclear where and when the incident occurred.

In the video uploaded by the account @nestanes, a man in a red shirt can be seen with a wound on his face that is bleeding. Meanwhile, the person who recorded the video is suspected of being the victim’s wife.

Uploads on Twitter about harassment by unscrupulous Indonesian Air Force Soldiers. (photo: upload account @nestanes)

The victim was seen pointing at the perpetrator who was wearing a black leather jacket and wearing a helmet. The chronology is not clear until the persecution occurred.

However, in his upload, the account owner linked his upload with the official Indonesian Air Force account when reporting the events that occurred.

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