Visitors to the Culinary Tourism Center in Surabaya are not 100 percent normal yet To attract visitors, various efforts have been made by traders at the culinary tourism center (SWK) in the city of Surabaya. At SWK Wiyung, for example, traders discussed making their own promotions.

”Because there aren’t that many visitors today. That’s why we have to brainstorm together,” said Edi Y. Agung, coordinator of SWK Wiyung traders.

The promotion given is still a bonus or discount when ordering food at SWK Wiyung. “All meals get free iced tea now valid. Usually we update every month, what promos we make,” he added yesterday (6/9). A total of 22 traders in Wiyung SWK regularly hold meetings to determine joint programs.

Edi stated that it was one of the internal efforts of the traders themselves. Because, the current conditions are still quite difficult for them. “Both those who come and those who order online. Not as busy as before,”he explained. Currently they are also affected by the high admin fees of online service providers.

”So, the buyer is very expensive from the price of our original food. I think that’s what makes online sales quiet,” he continued. In fact, online selling has been their way of surviving for some time.

Edi stated that SWK activities are not yet fully normal. Not much training used to be done offline nowadays. “Many are still via Zoom regarding service to customers and also about cleanliness,” he continued

Training is still limited from the relevant agencies. Meanwhile, there has not been much assistance from the private sector to provide training related to product development. “There are students who teach about managing social media or e-commerce,” he continued.

The absence of SWK recovery is indeed helped by the existence of E-Peken. However, traders certainly miss the normal conditions that existed before the pandemic. “That’s why we often gather ourselves to think together how to attract customers,” he said.