Wayan Koster Appreciates the Designation of 9 Balinese Cultures to Become Indonesian WBTb

JawaPos.com – Nine Balinese cultural heritages have been successfully designated as Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTb) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek).

This stipulation is contained in the Decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 414/P/2022 concerning the Determination of the Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage of 2022.

“I appreciate the stipulation of nine Balinese cultural heritages as WBTb Indonesia. I hope the Balinese people maintain, preserve and develop this cultural heritage,” said the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster in a written statement, Thursday (3/11).

The stipulation trial begins with the presentation of the Head of the Bali Provincial Culture Office regarding the urgency of the proposed designation of nine Balinese cultural heritages as WBTb. For example, the ability to make Balinese wine is a traditional knowledge and needs to be developed.

In addition to containing the value of life, Balinese wine also has a great opportunity as a source of livelihood and welfare for the Balinese people. With the determination to become WBTb, Arak Bali and eight other cultural heritages will receive national protection and recognition.

“With the establishment of WBTb, Balinese wine has received strong recognition and legitimacy that the ancestral heritage that we must maintain together strongly and consistently, and be empowered economically, is a source of life and prosperity for the Balinese people. With these efforts, the value of Balinese wine is getting stronger,” said Koster

The trial resulted in recommendations for determining 200 WBTb proposals for Indonesia from 32 provinces. Nine of them are Balinese cultural heritage, in traditional craft skills, namely Balinese wine, Uyah Amed, Jaja Laklak, Sate Lilit, and Serombotan. Then, in knowledge and behavioral habits about nature and the universe, Lontar Bali. Next, the customs, rites, and celebrations of the community, Ida Bhatara Sakti’s Pemijilan Sakti Ngerta Gumi, Mejaran-jaranan. After that, performing arts, Berko.

Koster also ordered the Heads of Provincial and Regency/City Culture Offices throughout Bali to actively explore Balinese cultural heritage. The goal is to be submitted to WBTb so that everything is protected and gets state recognition.

Koster has made various efforts to protect Balinese cultural heritage as an implementation of the Vision “Nangun Sat Kerthi loka Bali” through the planning of a Universal Development Pattern towards a New Era of Bali. For example, Arak Bali. These traditional skills tend to be unprotected. Producers act clandestinely for fear of being seen as drug dealers.

However, since the issuance of Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 1 of 2020 concerning Governance of Fermented Drinks and/or Bali Flute, Balinese wine has finally received legal protection as well as distribution permits. Wine growers welcome and creativity grows. Starting from elegant and quality packaging to innovations in various aromas and flavors.

“The Bali Provincial Government is here to protect, care for, and promote the heritage of the Ancestors, namely the traditional craft skills of making arak. We continue to struggle with real efforts to issue a Bali Governor Regulation, continue to promote, develop, develop, and supervise, so that Balinese wine is included in the 7th category of spirit drinks in the world,” said Koster.

The various efforts made by Wayan Koster consistently show tangible results that are felt by Balinese craftsmen and business people. According to Koster, the determination of Balinese wine as WBTb is a special gift in 2022 for craftsmen and business people.

Therefore, after being designated as WBTb, Koster emphasized that the traditional distillation process for making Balinese arak must be preserved, cannot be changed freely, its authenticity must be preserved.

“People are not allowed to make arak with the fermentation process, because it will damage the Balinese arak tradition, if they violate it, strict action will be taken,” he said.

As a form of appreciation for the determination of Balinese wine as WBTb, Koster held a Cocktail Party and Dinner event which was coupled with the Rahina Tumpek Landep Celebration on November 5, 2022.

The event, which was held at the Bali Jayasabha Governor’s Office, will be attended by Balinese wine craftsmen, hotel managers, and Balinese tourism entrepreneurs. This event aims to convince the public, especially tourism business actors, that Balinese wine has received national recognition and meets the quality standards of distilled beverages.

“I think this is very appropriate to be served as a menu in hotels and restaurants. This event will have a positive impact on the arak artisans, so they will continue to innovate,” he said.

The governor of Bali also ordered all hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses in Bali to serve Balinese wine as a drink for tourists. Imported drinks were asked to be reduced, even eliminated. The Governor of Bali also asked the Balinese artisans and business actors to continue to improve the quality of packaging and branding by using Balinese script.

“It must be orderly and disciplined in order to remain competitive in a healthy manner in local, national and global markets,” said I Wayan Koster.