Welcoming Independence Day, Residents Start Decorating the Village

batampos- Residents of Tanjungpinang began to decorate the village to welcome the 77th Independence Day (HUT) of the Republic of Indonesia by installing red and white flags and attributes around the housing.

Even making a garden with a red and white theme and using used goods to enliven the village at the 17 August 2022 party.

RT R 07 , RW 15 began to decorate the yard of the house to welcome the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Friday (5/8). f Fairy Irawan

Head of RT 07 RW 15 Tanjungpinang Barat Village, Nasir, said that his party together with local residents deliberately decorated the residential area with red and white flags and attributes and used the residents’ vacant land to create a red and white garden. white pattern.

“The goal is to welcome the 77th Indonesian Independence Day to make it more festive. This flag has been installed since early August,” said Nasir, Friday (5/8).

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Nasir said that at first he himself had started clearing the vacant land a month earlier, but local residents were also helping to clean up and make the park better.

“Residents are also enthusiastic to help, bringing used goods to be painted to make it more attractive,” he said.

Hopefully with the start of the construction of the park and the installation of these attributes, other residents can imitate it so that the celebration of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day in residential areas will be more lively and lively.

“The hope is like that, it doesn’t mean patronizing others, but the goal is only to celebrate the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day later,” he said.

Later, Nasir continued, on August 17, there will also be a children’s party competition in the housing to make it more lively. (*)

Reporter : Peri Irawan