Wife Gives Birth to Caesar, Hikmal Abrar: I’m Excited

JawaPos.com – Actors Hikmal Abrar and Nuri ‘Shaden’ are now happy with the birth of their baby. The birth of her third child was carried out by caesarean section, the same as previous deliveries.

Hikmal Abrar said that although the delivery was carried out by caesarean section, the process and struggle of his wife giving birth was no less difficult than the normal delivery process. Hikmal Abrar, who accompanies Nuri in the operating room, knows very well how hard and tiring childbirth can be.

“I accompanied the operation. My first one was shaking, the second one wasn’t, but this one I’m happy with. Until before entering the operating room I went back first, nervous. But whose name is facing birth, it is a struggle. Either normal or extraordinary caesarean,” said Hikmal Abrar when met at Pondok Indah Hospital, South Jakarta, Friday (1/7).

Knowing how hard it is to give birth, Hikmal Abrar admits that he really respects mothers who are struggling to give birth to their babies.

“I’m with my wife, the operation is not easy. The fear is bleeding and all that. But Alhamdulillah yesterday with the amazing medical team. Although this is not the first time,” he explained

Hikmal Abrar and Nuri’s third child ‘Shaden’ is really eagerly awaited. This is because their two children were both boys. Their third child is a girl. Uniquely, the distance between the first, second, and third children is about 6 years each.

“Nuri and I don’t have a program. Thank God I was given a daughter, the distance from the first sister is 12, the sister is 6, and this is Rayna, the distance is almost the same,” he explained.

Hikmal Abrar and Nuri’s third child ‘Shaden’ was born by caesarean section on Thursday (30/6) morning at around 09.32 WIB at Pondok Indah Hospital, South Jakarta.

Not long after giving birth, the little girl was named Rayna. According to Hikmal Abrar, his son’s middle name is still being sought. Meanwhile, his last name has been confirmed as Nasution.