Wireless Camera with Wi-fi Internet Connection

ILLUSTRATION: Hik Vision 5 Megapixel CAMERA the best quality today. F. Abdul Azis/Batam Pos

batampos – Batam Secure Solution (BSS), as a complete distributor of CCTV camera equipment and business needs, electronic equipment for both large and small scale needs, offers one of the latest CCTV camera products and its newest products.

Such as ACOME brand wireless CCTV cameras, Sliding Door Gate, and Parking Gate.

”This month there is a new product of wireless camera with wi-fi internet connection. The quality offered is 2 megapixel resolution, 32 GB memory capacity, and it doesn’t matter if the weather conditions are suitable for indoor and outdoor use,” said Batam Service Solution Owner, Wilson, Monday (4/7).

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He added, BSS also provides a smarthome remote, namely an IR universal remote control. Then for those of you who want to push your business into a commercial area, there are also sliding door gates and parking gates for residential and industrial areas.

“The units available are included in the installation fee,” he explained. (*)

Journalist: Azis Maulana