Worth Waiting, Netflix Will Make Squid Game Reality Show

JawaPos.com – The most watched series on Netflix is ​​now more than fiction after the streaming platform created the biggest reality competition called Squid Game: The Challenge.

Unlike series where players put their lives on the line, the biggest threat to the 456 players in the competition is going home without taking home $4.56 million, a figure that Netflix says is the biggest value in reality TV history.

Squid Game itself is the most watched series on Netflix since its release in September 2021 and features nine episodes that tell the story of people who are down and try to improve their way of life by following various children’s games. The stakes for the 45.6 billion won prize are even higher, until lives are rewarded.

Season one broke the record as the most popular Netflix series of all time, watched by more than 1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days since its release. “This 10-episode reality competition show will include games inspired by the original series, as well as new games,” Netflix said.

This reality show will be shot in England and so far only casting for English speaking people. Recently, Squid Game director, writer and executive producer Hwang Dong-hyuk officially confirmed that the series will continue into a second season.

Netflix and Hwang will collaborate again to present a continuation of this phenomenal story. Hwang also mentions some characters that might reappear, including Gi-hun, Front Man, and the man in the suit who recruits with the game ddakji. In addition, this second season will also introduce Young-hee’s boyfriend – a scary giant female robot doll in the first season – named Cheol-su. (*)