Zodiac Turns Influence on Shopping Style

Illustration of shopping. (Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

batampos – For the zodiac predictions this December, the e-commerce platform Shopee together with Foxglove Soulwork astrologer Çanti Widyadhari share information about predictions of shopping styles according to the zodiac and recommendations for suitable products.

“Everyone has different luck, one of which can be predicted from their respective zodiac which is determined from their date of birth,” said Head of Marketing Growth at Shopee Indonesia Monica Vionna in a press statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/ 10). /11).

Here are twelve shopping styles according to each zodiac sign’s suitability and personality.

Aries: Impulsive shopper
Aries’ impulsive nature is also seen when shopping. According to Çanti, Aries will begin to get enlightened about his life path in December, especially career.

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A new laptop or computer in December is suitable for Aries’ encouragement to be more enthusiastic about working or sending a resume to the ideal office. Don’t forget to hold back and buy the things you really need

Taurus: Quality controller
The patient and unhurried shopper is a Taurus. In addition, Taurus also prioritizes the quality of goods. With a full moon in the finance department, it would be great if Taurus could start saving in December for future plans so small purses are the right product this month to keep Taurus from spending extravagantly.

Gemini: The Viewer
Gemini’s shopping style usually follows trends. According to predictions, Gemini could experience an identity crisis in December. This moment can be used as the right time to open up and get support. To complete the confiding session with their closest friends, Gemini can shop for skin care or tea.

Cancer: Mass purchaser
Cancers often shop in bulk for stock at home. They are also people who are lazy enough to find and change sellers. This December has been pretty grim for Cancers, so this is the perfect time to make a list of what to look for in a relationship with your significant other.

Leo: The one and only
Leo usually prefers to shop for flashy or coolest items according to the trend of the year. Leos are also easily tempted to buy second-hand items from celebrities and famous people. According to Çanti, Leo will start to feel the importance of having a friend with whom they can both be happy and sad together in December.

“Especially if you find someone who wants to prioritize work-life balance and can be invited to the gym together,” said Çanti.

Virgo: The smart shopper
To buy just one item, Virgo must do in-depth research. Virgo also chooses to buy cheaper items as long as next month’s budget is still safe

This December, Virgo can do some research to buy products that can help reduce stress, such as bath bombs, essential oils, or skincare.

Libra: The aesthetic shopper
Shopping is a Libra zodiac hobby, especially cute and aesthetically pleasing items. Entering December, Libra must prepare to start improving themselves for a better future, for example by making new year’s resolutions that are easier to achieve.

Scorpio: Loyalist
Scorpio is a very careful sign when it comes to spending money on groceries. According to Çanti, Scorpios are asked to be more honest with themselves in December. Çanti advises Scorpio to start buying and reading inspirational books.

Sagittarius: Experience
Sagittarius also likes shopping out of boredom and curiosity. December will be full of happiness for Sagittarius as they start to enlighten on the love front. If you have an appointment with your partner, don’t overdo it because your budget is running low.

Capricorn: Investors
Capricorns usually have a long term strategy ahead of shopping so they prefer to buy things that are timeless. Capricorn’s main priority in December is physical health and quality work, so it is advisable to relax and take multivitamins and honey to maintain endurance.

Aquarius: The ethical shopper
“Aquarius has a unique shopping style. They want to shop from brands that promote sustainability or are eco-friendly,” says Çanti.

December is a good time for Aquarius to explore and start new things. Çanti recommends finding and buying equipment that can support Aquarius’ new hobby.

Pisces: The emotional buyer
Things that Pisces buy are usually associated with stress relief. December is the perfect time for Pisces to splurge a little on the shopping sprees. Pisces’ finances this month will be quite smooth as Jupiter enters into the finances department for this sign. (*)

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